Connected Care has 12+ years experience in the delivery of sustainable change programs in Ontario.

The group began as a project management office for UHN’s information management and technology group in the early 2000s. During that time, SARS hit the Greater Toronto Area and the crisis helped identify a critical gap in Ontario health care – there was no one group to serve as a backbone for the system, facilitating dialogue between affected health care organizations, managing data collection and analysis, and ensuring all groups had a common understanding of the problem and a joint approach to solving it. The team was tasked pulling together solutions in collaboration with a coalition of delivery partners and, ultimately, touching every critical care bed in the province.

From this initiative, we became known for our ability to deliver sustainable change management programs. Born out of a variety of province-wide projects, we are focused on the healthcare experience as a whole. We have worked with and for stakeholders across the care continuum and garnered strong regional knowledge, including electronic referrals, electronic health records and emergency management systems.

Early years saw us introducing core foundational items to achieve transformation. While there was a heavy technology lift to our projects, our work has always been successful because of an integrated project and change management delivery approach. We continue to look to the future to see where healthcare needs to go, seeking solutions within and beyond digital health to enable what we want to do.